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Starlight Ministries 'Embrace the Hope' Dinner

November 9, 2017

Event Information

Sponsor:Starlight Ministries
Time:6:30 PM
Speakers/Performers:Nicol Sponberg
Schedule:Fundraising dinner and concert with Nicol Sponberg


Venue:Pinnacle Center
Address:3330 Highland Drive



Additional Details

Other Information:We are delighted to have Nicol Sponberg as our guest speaker and musician for this year's Embrace the Hope-Starlight's main annual fundraising event. Few artists in any genre of music possess a more compelling voice than Nicol Sponberg. Warm and rich with a husky texture than imbues any lyric with an extra measure of emotional intensity, Sponberg has always been a "singer's singer" who has distinguished herself both as a solo artist and as a founding member of the award-winning trio Selah. Truly great artists, however, are more than great voices. They have a way of incorporating life's experience into their work in a way that profoundly impacts others. Plan on attending this awesome evening. You will NOT want to miss Nicol's story of God's healing, while drinking in the inspiring songs that have given HOPE and peace to many throughout the years.

Additional Details

Information Phone Number:(616) 662-1999
Information E-mail:kim@starlightmin.org
Information Website:Visit Website
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