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Caring Well

November 11, 2017

Event Information

Sponsor:Hole in my Heart Ministries
Time:8 AM - 4 PM

Dr. Preston Sprinkle, Laurie Krieg, Matt Krieg, and many more.

There are 8 workshops to choose from (you can attend two):

1. "Pastoring Well" How can pastors be faithful theologically while pursuing courageous love? Pastor Dave Beelen, Dr. Matthew Tuininga, and Pastor Marvin Williams

2. "Counseling Well" What is a shame and anxiety reducing, not-orientation change counseling model that holds to a Christian sexual ethic? Matthew Krieg and TBD

3. “Leading Students Well" How can youth leaders practically and pastorally engage grace/truth/love with students who live in a rapidly changing culture? Dr. Preston Sprinkle

4. "Parenting your LGBT+/SSA Child Well" Is there a different set of rules for a child who experiences same-sex attractions, gender confusion, or identifies as LGBT+? Dr. Janelle Hallman

5. "Parenting Well in 2017" The world doesn't stop changing. How do we teach our children to engage culture and love their neighbor while maintaining a Christian sexual ethic? Pastor Don Pearson

6. "Doing Justice Well" How can we advocate for homeless, suicidal, and bullied LGBT+ people like Jesus? Dr. Jeremy Norwood

7. "Journeying Alongside Well" How can we love our LGBT+ friends, siblings, spouses, and neighbors like Jesus? Laurie Krieg, Greg Coles and others 

8. "Working with Institutions Well" How can we hold to a Christian sexual ethic while loving and serving college students, summer campers, or people we serve at our jobs? Dr. Mary Hulst and Dr. Gerald Longjohn 


Venue:Prince Conference Center
Address:1800 East Beltline SE
City:Grand Rapids
Map:View Map


Cost:$25 students, $65 adults before September 1, $85 after September 1
Purchase Online:Buy Now

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Other Information:

Have you ever wondered, "Since we believe a biblical sexual ethic is true (one man + one woman for life), how can we care well for and about LGBT+ people?" Let's talk about it.

This fall, Hole in my Heart Ministries is hosting a one-day conference sharing how we can care well for people while holding to a biblical sexual ethic. Listen, dialogue, and leave equipped with winsome, gospel-centered ways to journey alongside LGBT+ friends, family, and neighbors for a lifetime. For more information and to register, go to caringwell.org/conference.

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Information Phone Number:(616) 303-1448
Information Website:Visit Website
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