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The Premarital Event

February 18, 2017

Event Information

Sponsor:Winning At Home
Time:8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Speakers/Performers:Dan Seaborn
Schedule:Dan Seaborn will be on hand to share a talk based on his book The Necessary Nine, which outlines what he believes are the nine necessities of a successful marriage. Alan Seaborn will lead the event and, as a newlywed of just 3 years himself, will share about what lies ahead for these couples as they enter into a marriage.


Venue:Baker Lofts
Address:171 East 24th Street


Cost:$120 per couple
Purchase By Phone:(616) 772-1733
Purchase Online:Buy Now

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Other Information:

Research has shown that couples who attend a premarital session have a 30% higher chance of maintaining a successful marriage. Seaborn says, “Our mission at Winning At Home includes helping people stay married for life. That process begins before, during, and after the ceremony. That’s why we have a group of expert presenters who will provide information covering communication, finances, and spiritual and physical intimacy.”

Pre-registration is required.

Additional Details

Information Phone Number:616-772-1733
Information E-mail:julie@winningathome.com
Information Website:Visit Website
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